Prospect: A Lens on Campus History

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This week we are celebrating the debut of the first public project created using Prospect: “Names in Brick and Stone: Histories from the University’s Built Landscape.” This project engages with and contributes to ongoing discussions about how history is embedded in the built-environment of the UNC campus.

This produced by the students in History/American Studies 671: Introduction to Public History taught at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in the Fall of 2015 by Dr. Anne Mitchell Whisnant and assisted by American Studies Graduate Research Assistant Charlotte Fryar. It thus provides an excellent demonstration not only of public history but of the use of digital technologies for student work and classroom participation.

Besides providing visualizations that end-users can casually explore, the exhibit currently has four different associated Perspectives that provide specific interpretative lenses on this material.

The Digital Innovation Lab is proud to have played a supporting role in this important work.