DIL Contributes to Scientific Research Network on Digital Cinema Studies

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The Digital Innovation Lab is one of several international partners for Digital Cinema Studies: A Scientific Research Network on Digital Cinema Studies (DICIS).

The digital turn within film studies has contributed to the creation of international big data on film(historic) research into film as a text and film as a consumable good (production, distribution and exploitation). As a result international expertise on cinema studies crosses over to digital humanities to understand the use, contribution and meaning of digital tools for the discipline. DICIS is a catalyst for new research methods by deploying these digital tools within film and cinema studies. At the crossroads of cinema studies and digital humanities, DICIS main goal is to gather expertise on re- purposable and generative digital discovery tools to fortify the methodology and conceptual base of the digital turn. DICIS stimulates international comparative research by looking into compatibility, comparability and open access of databases on international film(historic) research.

DICIS contributes to the internationalization of scientific film research at the Flemish Universities of Ghent (UGent), Antwerp (UA) and Leuven (KU Leuven). DICIS wants to (1) strengthen existing scientific research collaborations within a core unit of the HoMER [History of Moviegoing, Exhibition, and Reception] network working on digital tools and questions, (2) expand the network to similar research centers and (3) increase the expertise concerning (historical/longitudinal) big cinema data. DICIS plans to  (1) organize biannual workshops, annual colloquia and regular DICIS meetings (2) initiate regular collaborative publications and (3) facilitate the international mobility of experts.

The network is funded for five years from January 2014 until December 2018. The board will convene its first meeting in Milan this coming June, 2014.

The Digital Innovation Lab contributes to the Digital HoMER, an effort to develop digital platforms for studies of cinemagoing around the globe. Since Fall 2013, DIL Practicum students have been exploring the adaptation of DH Press for global moviegoing projects in “Going to the Global Show.”